Return & Refund Policy


You can only cancel your order if (1) you have not made full payment to your order, or (2) we have not processed your order. In order to exercise your right of cancellation, please contact us to request for a cancellation.

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Customer should receive a written confirmation if the cancellation is accepted. Reliant reserves the right to accept or reject the cancellation for any reason, including the following circumstances: Non-complete document for license registration such as valid Student/instructor ID for educaton license, suspicious or fraudulent purchasing activity; abuse, including the use of multiple accounts or multiple checkouts associated with the same customer or group of customers; or bad faith.

We reserve the rights to charge an Order Cancellation Fee of not less than RM 20 or 3% of the order value, whichever is higher, for every cancellation request to meet order handling, payment processing and administrative charges incurred in processing your order as well as cancellation request. This fee will be deducted from your credit amount.

Once your cancellation request is approved, we cannot reverse the process and nullify the cancellation.

We screen all orders for code abuse, suspicious purchasing activity, fraud or bad faith. Any element of abuse, suspicious purchasing activity, fraud, bad faith or violation of offer or code terms and conditions will lead to order cancellation. This term extends code abuse to include the multiple use of a code by any customer across multiple transactions or the use of many or varied accounts or multiple orders associated with a single or group of customers.

Where the use of a code is voided and an order cancelled for reasons of abuse, suspicious purchasing activity, fraud, bad faith or violation of code terms and conditions, a payment processing and handling fee of not less than RM 20 or 3% of the order value, whichever is higher, will be charged and this fee will be deducted from your store credit amount.

If we are unable to proceed with and fulfill any part of the order for any reason, the order will be cancelled accordingly, and you will be notified of the cancellation via email. Customer is responsible to ensure our email domain are whitelisted.

We do not guarantee or warrant that the price, offer, availability or any other aspect of a cancelled order, either in whole or in part, will remain the same for any subsequent purchase or order.

We will not be liable or responsible for any damages, claims, liabilities, errors, inaccuracies, costs, harms, inconveniences, business disruptions, delays or expenditures of any kind that may arise as a result of or in connection with any order cancellation request or any order cancellation itself, either in whole or in part.

We do not replace any cancelled order either in whole or in part, code, discount, credit or otherwise compensate customers where they are unable to cancel any order for any reason


The default refund method is via bank transfer into your bank account. Receiver account name should be same as payee name. With complete documents, It may take up to 5 working days to fully process and issue your refund for any return or order cancellation. We will notify you via email once the refund process is completed.

Cancellation and Refund for Training : No cancellation or refund is allowed for training purchase. We may schedule you to a different training date if the class is full or due to any other reason. Please contact us at +603-92262979 to confirm your seat and training date before any purchase. You may request one time of credit transfer to a different date/class within a year after purchase.