RM10,100.00 Please email sales@reliant-ds.com for an official Invoice.
PDM Collection / Product Design & Manufacturing Collection IC Commercial New Single-user ELD Annual Subscription
Price RM10,100.00 Please email sales@reliant-ds.com for an official Invoice.
Product SKU 02JI1-WW8500-L937
Brand Autodesk
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License Type : New Subscription
Duration : 12
Deployment : Single Uer

Highlight : What is the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection?

The collection is an integrated set of professional-grade applications that connect everyone, from concept to production, with shared tools to streamline your product development process.

    Create high-performing product designs and production system layouts
    Extend product capabilities and prevent product failures
    Connect your team and your data from design to manufacture



How the collection helps your business

Increase win rates and deliver faster

With a connected and automated toolset, quickly configure and deliver products to customer spec.

Improve product quality

Use advanced simulation to validate and optimize products and manufacturing processes.

Promote sustainability

Develop products and processes that optimize material use and minimize waste.

Expand product capabilities

Explore new possibilities to improve performance using the machines you already own.